Dynamic, Results Oriented Facilitation

Our Founder, Gloria Witt, is known for establishing credibility and rapport with all levels of leadership and individual contributors within organizations.  

Gloria is as an experienced, dynamic facilitator, articulate communicator, and bottom-line driven leader. 

She is skilled at facilitating sessions that allow participants to uncover shared needs, develop a common vision, and forge collaborative solutions that drive business results.

With her sharp observational powers, she understands and leverages team dynamics to solve long standing challenges within organizations.   She brings together individuals in a cohesive team with a common mission of achieving results aligned with business goals.  

Gloria provides facilitation services for a wide variety of business needs, including:

  • Creating High-Performance Teams
  • Team Building
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Strategic Planning & Succession Management
  • Custom Workshops

Contact Gloria at 434-942-4367 or Gloria.Witt@define-success.com to get started today.