Define Success Coaching & Facilitation Services helps organizations boost performance with leadership development solutions to commercial, government, non-profit, and faith-based organizations. Our mission is to help executives and leadership tap into the full potential of individuals and teams to achieve business results.

Our Founder, Gloria T. Witt, is committed to developing executives and leaders who are known for their ability to produce defined measureable results. As a 32-year veteran of the energy industry, Gloria is a certified business coach, an expert facilitator and is skilled in all aspects of talent management, including talent identification, development, coaching, training, and performance consulting. 

At Define Success, we believe that effective leadership is the engine that creates great organizations, communities and teams. Our philosophy is that when each individual decides to develop and engage, the organization is transformed and becomes a place of optimal business success. Define Success exists to provide customized solutions to executives and leaders that will fuel the engine of maximum potential for your organization.

"Where organizational and people strategy unite to drive optimal business performance."

Define Success Facilitation & Coaching Services LLC

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