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why coaching matters


Is your organization suffering from:

  • An inability to make the numbers?
  • Difficulty identifying Talents?
  • High turnover?
  • Low employee engagement and morale? 

These challenges can be addressed with effective leadership responses. Define Success provides customized coaching services to assist your organization in leveraging your leadership talents to combat these issues and improve your bottom line.

In many industries, especially high tech industries, there is a high probability that the leadership team is highly competent in their given technical field, but could benefit from fully understanding their strengths and development areas when it comes to getting work done through others. 


If you want to grow your business, invest in growing leaders.  Today more than ever before, leaders and executives are expected to practice flexibility, strategic orientation, and to invest in coaching others. 

Coaching helps executives and leaders maximize their full potential by implementing new behaviors that leverage their strengths and translate into improved business performance.  

Our coaching philosophy is simple:

  • DECIDE to invest in the process
  • ENGAGE in the process by completing an assessment tool
  • TRANSFORM – Internalize the learning and commit to adjust behaviors

In a study focusing on "Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching" (The Manchester Review), the authors discovered:
Coaching programs resulted in an average return on investment of 5.7 times the initial investment.

Tangible benefits to companies include improvements in: productivity, quality, customer service, and bottom-line profitability.
Benefits to leaders and executives who participated in coaching included: improved working relationships, enhanced teamwork, reduced conflict and increased job satisfaction.


Contact us today to discuss customized coaching solutions to boost your business results.